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is ur music ever so loud u feel like ur suffocating

update: i was having an asthma attack

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i love car rides so much that i actually get disappointed when we reach our destination

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british boys: hey babe, how are you? you look lovely today

american boys: whaddup shawty you lookin hella fine winna winna chicken dinna hellz yeah lets get naked

you’ve never met a british boy have you

oi m8 i fink ur fine as tits

thaats more like it.

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The life of Gordon Ramsay isn’t an easy one

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Cheers.  To Flynn Rider.  The closest Disney ever came

to a realistic male character.

All the awards.

and the only disney character to question why everyone is singing.

Excuse you

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taylor swift gives off that vibe that if she sat down with u for 10 minutes she could just sort out all the problems in your life, tie an extremely neat bow around them, throw them in the trash, then bake a pie

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fuck education who wants to start a band

your URL makes me suspicious of your intentions with this band.

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so apparently people talk to their pets in baby voices, but when i see my cat i’m just like ‘hey brad’ and he’s like ‘meow’ and the conversation is over.

I don’t know why but for some reason the fact that your cat’s name is brad is hilarious to me

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tell my…. mother i…. love h

ayley williams

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Gotta love this website

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